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How It All Started.


The CEO SAHM Movement starts with our founder ,Tesheena Lowry. A Stay-at-home mom to two “Irish Twin” boys and a 17 year-old step son. In 2010 through 2012 she found herself in a dark state of depression and anxiety and after reaching out to a few veteran stay-at-home moms, a therapist, and close friends and family, she couldn't find the answer she was looking for. The answer she mostly got was “deal with it” as that is just a part of motherhood or take prescriptions to numb it all. She REFUSED BOTH OPTIONS as her only reality and in her darkest hour she awoke to an answer that no one had told her she had. 

Which is what she is sharing with the world of stay-at-home moms today; YOU HAVE A CHOICE.

She now travels around the world, working to expand this movement globally in order to teach, show, and empower Stay At Home Moms everywhere the same way she was transformed through that profound truth that many women around the world are ignorant of. Join us on our journey to spread the CEO Sahm Movement message to millions globally by subscribing to our CEO Sahm Movement newsletter and if you'd like to get even more involved consider becoming a CEO Wahm ( Work At Home Mom) and develop yourself into a world class coach through our CEO Wahm World Class Coaching & Development program. Here.


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